Self-care and Self-protection

Steps on your falling-in-love-with -yourself journey

I encourage you to take some steps on your falling-in-love-with-yourself journey.

Self-caring is the most fundamental step, because YOU are the most important person for you. It isn’t narcissistic; this is acknowledging your own worthiness, your own excellence.

Self-caring means acting with enough goodness to protect and nourish yourself.

By creating the environment of compassion and tenderness for yourself, then and ONLY then you can start healing your wounds.

Healing your wounding requires the right environment, time and protection to dissolve hurt imposed by significant others. These were people in your life from when you were small and powerless.

When you were small, you couldn’t protect yourself because you were completely dependent upon your caregivers, whether they were parents, other family members, guardians, etc. You never had a chance to learn the language of self-protection and self-caring.

But now is the time to teach yourself how to self-protect and set limits.

Self-protection and setting limits are also very important steps.

It means being able to say ‘NO’ to others when necessary and setting limits on what YOU are going to tolerate.

I found it very difficult to do this for a long time.

I was brought up by a narcissistic, self-absorbed mother. Only her needs were important, and her constant demands for attention and emotional care preoccupied my life. I had to forget about me. My needs and my wants did not exist for her – she did not understand or acknowledge them. The roles of a mother and a child were completely reversed. My responsibility was to look after, listen to, nourish and adore her – to fulfil all her emotional needs. I was completely invisible to her; I was not to be seen or heard or to ask for anything.

No wonder I completely lost my sense of Self.

 It took me a long time to restore my self-worth, to fall in love with myself and care for myself. 

But I can assure you that it is possible.

Beginning with love, compassion and goodness for yourself are essential.

Start to believe that you are unique, beautiful and deserving of love and attention, and even admiration. Why not?

After all, we are beautiful creations, and each one of us is sacred, special and unique.

Only within this aura of self-love can we start our journey, so that we can emerge as secure and authentically empowered Women.

With all my love,


I’d love to hear from you; please leave a comment or a question. I’m curious if you have any insights, or something resonated or spoke to you.

I’ll be posting on my website, information on emotional healing, authentic feminine empowerment, meditations, yoga and pelvic floor practices, Tantra and feminine sensuality. I have so much in store for you and can’t wait to share it with you.

If you know someone who would benefit from this kind of information, please share this her. The more of us that re-discover our radiant inner beauty, the better place the world becomes.

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