Your Authentic Power

Authentic power- what’s that?

It is strength and love, intertwined together.

Authentic power comes from the deepest, most loving part of you. The part whose desire is inclusivity, compassion, joy, genuine loving intentions, caring, sharing.

This authentic power directs you to the most appropriate response in the given moment — the answer comes from your True Self.

But to access this authentic power, you need to slow down, listen, sense… be aware. 

It is also about being aware of your emotions, noticing and sensing them, allowing them to be, and then letting them pass. Because if you deny or ignore them, they WILL CONTROL your life.

They’ll unconsciously control all of your actions and decisions, and what’s more – they will make you miserable, unhappy, and a constant victim of your circumstances.

In this slow and quiet moment of being, you stop being over-reactive and then can listen and sense your inner world and discover the depth of it, discover the hidden treasures buried under the layer of your reactivity.

More on authentic power and discovering your hidden treasure will be in my next blog.

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