We Are Holistic And Interconnected Beings

We Are Holistic And Interconnected Beings – Biocognitive Therapy

I have been searching for emotional healing as long as I can remember, and let me tell you I am the most resourceful person ever. I have tried everything, all forms of counselling and therapies. They all helped a little bit, but always something was missing…

The missing part was that each of the methods I was working with was treating a complicated human being as separate functional blocks, independent compartments, neither connected with each other nor the whole universe. We are, in fact, beings with intertwined mind, body and spirit – holistic, wholesome and, interconnected.

The approach, when we focus mainly on our thinking (like in conventional counselling therapy), works only in a limited way.

You know that it’s not possible to reason yourself into change. If it were, an alcoholic would just stop drinking; it wouldn’t be so difficult.

Instead, the way to make any significant changes requires not only a new, holistic understanding of our whole being but also a change in our belief system and a new paradigm to work with.

We were not brought up in a vacuum. Cultural influence is also important – we were moulded and influenced by our families, religions and cultures.

Change requires not only a lot of courage and perseverance but also emotional awareness. Awareness of our emotions, of how they are triggered, and how to integrate them. It is a delicate process.

In my work as a Personal Development Coach, I incorporate the wisdom of Western knowledge along with Eastern traditions.  

From a Western perspective, the science of integration of body and mind, and investigation of how our culture influenced us is called biocognitive therapy.

In biocognitive therapy, a concept which is important to the healing process is the embodiment.

Embodying our emotions means sensing and feeling all of them, even the ‘ugly’ ones. Not running away, not hiding or denying anything, but looking deep into ourselves.

Mind, body and spirit interact, affecting each other all the time. Eastern traditions like yoga, meditation, Tantra and Taoism are examples of this. The mind affects body and spirit, and vice versa.

When I integrated some of these Western and Eastern concepts into my daily routine, my healing took a different turn – everybody around me said that I had become more loving, caring and understanding.

Equally important, I was feeling content, peaceful, joyful, and generally, life was getting easier.

Using these techniques with women in my practice, the results were astonishing. The healing takes place on multiple levels, with amazing results in a relatively short period of time.

As you will find out, painful emotions are only energies stuck in our bodies. As soon as we acknowledge them, feel them and let them pass as ‘fluffy clouds in the sky’ – they dissipate.

The painful emotions lose their bite, and they don’t hurt anymore.

It’s so liberating to free yourself from the claws of these painful emotions. When they don’t control us any more, this gives us the gift of conscious choice, the choice to respond, as opposed to reacting, to our emotions and circumstances.

When you are honest with yourself about what are you feeling at any given moment, and only then, can you act from a place of truth.

And this is a simple but challenging way to live a happy, joyful and meaningful life.

And remember –

It is our birthright to live in an abundance of love, wealth and health

With all my love


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