How to Nourish and Recharge Yourself?

The other day, I went to London to meet up with a few friends. I previously lived in London for 27 years and left the city a couple of years ago for a quiet suburban town. I had forgotten how busy, rushed and extremely agitated London can be.

Although I had a lovely time catching up with my friends from far away lands, the chaos of this city had a very unsettling effect on me. After I returned, it took me several hours to ‘recalibrate’ myself to my usual tranquil, content, energy-filled state.

It reminded me how easy it is to get completely desensitised to this kind of chaotic energy. I used to commute to London for years, and I forgot how much we all need to nourish ourselves, so we can discharge all that negativity.

Where we are living now, we are surrounded by a beautiful park-like garden, with the glorious Hills all around. It’s so peaceful and nurturing.

It is so important to get away from chaos, and immerse yourself in nature if you can. I am fortunate to be able to do that. We call our place our sanctuary. It’s so full of enchanted beauty.

It’s essential, to all of us, to replenish the loss of energy by all means possible. It can be done by taking a walk in the park, yoga, meditation, being with nature, gardening and so on. This allows us to create, and then maintain, an internal ‘WELL OF GOODNESS’.

We need to replenish our energy more often nowadays, so we don’t deplete ourselves. When we’re depleted, we are prone to depression, melancholy, anxiety, loss of vitality, deterioration of our health.

Bearing in mind how essential it is to have your own ‘WELL OF GOODNESS’, and to be able to plug yourself into it, you need to create your own practices/routines (such as taking a walk in the park, yoga, meditations, being with nature, gardening, music and so on) so you can immerse all of your being, ground yourself, be still, centred, heal and abide in the serenity.

With All my love ❤️

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