Slow Down… Stop Being So Busy… And You Might Surprise Yourself!

Photo by Free-Photos

What is the most ‘fashionable’ expression right now?


Yes, it seems that being busy is very fashionable.

‘Busy-ness’ is many people’s defaults position. It might even feel that having so much to do equates with being ‘successful’ in life.

But the side-effect is that the physical ‘busy-ness’ makes us anxious, agitated, restless, tired, unhappy, unfulfilled and not present. 


Can you stop and pause? Is there anything that does not need to be done right now? Is it possible to stop being perfect? Do you have to tick off all the items on your to-do list?

Ask yourself these questions:

“Is it possible that I am afraid of being still and quiet? Of just being?

What am I trying to avoid?”

And SENSE what the answer is. Allow yourself to feel that need, that tension to rush, to do things.

Stillness can be frightening, so we keep ourselves busy.

We like being busy and very often are mindlessly rushing around.

Why are we so afraid of stillness? Of that enormous GAP between our thoughts and actions?

‘Mind that GAP ‘

How would you feel if I told you that that gap between your thoughts and actions is a well of your inner wisdom, the place of wonder and surprise?

Stop avoiding and running away from stillness, and you will discover that hidden wonder, the beauty of serenity and quietness. You might surprise yourself. 

The physical ‘busy-ness’ makes us anxious, restless, tired, unhappy, unfulfilled and not present.  When we stop, we able to notice things, admire and appreciate the splendour of the moment.

Being in the moment allows you to take in this precious stillness – a moment of profound inner wisdom and awe.

I invite you to be still and silent and take in this very moment.

 Life is so magnificent.

Take in that splendour of being in the NOW.

I suggest that you integrate this as one of your daily self-caring practices, and you will notice how much more grace, beauty, joy and wisdom is in any given moment of your life.

With all my love


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