And When The Night Comes…

During the day, we get extremely busy trying to avoid our emotions. We find a lot of activities to make ourselves SOOOO busy, so we don’t have to deal with them. This way we pretend that they don’t exist, but deep down inside we really know they won’t go away.

But then the DREADED night comes, and we can’t escape them anymore.

There is nothing to do, nowhere to go, and…

Emotions keep us AWAKE all night.

Anxiety, fear, dread, worry will not let us sleep.

When we don’t allow ourselves to feel them during the day, they creep up and demand our attention at night. 

We can’t sleep, and we feel irritated because we know we need to sleep.

But sleep won’t come. The more we try to sleep and fail to do so, the more frustrated we become and the loop of exasperation continues, round and round…

Do you know how this feels?

I do!

This is what I do when I get overwhelmed by my emotions at night:

  • I get up. I don’t stay in bed because it only perpetuates anxiety and frustration.
  • I make myself a cup of herbal tea, wrap myself in a warm blanket and contemplate.
  • I actually love these peaceful, quiet moments, when everybody is asleep. The world itself is sleeping, and I can watch and listen to what is going on inside my body and mind.
  • Everything looks so much more peaceful, and I would even say beautiful, kind of enchanting maybe. Sometimes I stay in that meditative state for an hour or two, and afterwards, the body and the mind get quieter, more peaceful, and I’m ready to sleep.

Be gentle and kind to yourself – especially now, because these are exceptional times, and we have never had to encounter anything like this before.

If you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, fed up and angry with what is going on:

That is also OK. That’s how you feel right now.

You are managing the best you can at this moment.

Be kind and gentle with yourself.

Rest, be, allow yourself some comfort, love, attention and acceptance.

If you need some tips on how to nourish yourself, please click here to read my blog on this :

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And remember


With all my love ❤️

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