Feminine Transformations Session

Feminine Transformations sessions are

an imaginative, guided journey of self-exploration, self-discovery, HEALING, SELF-EMPOWERMENT and FREEDOM.


In Feminine Transformations sessions, I combine many different healing modalities. Sessions include transformative somatic life coaching, in conjunction with individually-tailored combinations of: energy healing sessions, Tension, Stress and Trauma Release (TRE), Somatic Experiencing (SE), Yoga, Chi Net Sang (abdominal Tao massage), and Taoist practices.

I practice transformative somatic life coaching.

This teaches you to become a keen observer of how your body feels, the stories and narratives that run through your head, your emotions, and most of all the sensations that are happening in your body. With different practices, you will gain greatest access to the emotional intelligence and wisdom that exists within your body. You will become FREE from your emotional wounds and limiting beliefs, so that you are then able to create your passionate, powerful, joyful and EMPOWERED LIFE.

If you feel the following:

  • sad, depressed, overwhelmed and fearful
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  • tired, anxious, irritable and stressed
  • loss of drive for life
  • unfulfilled in your life and relationships
  • full of emotional pain
  • confused, in pain, hurt and unhappy

and you YEARN to:

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  • free yourself from limiting believes
  • find harmony, fulfilment joy and love
  • gain more self-confidence, self- love, enhance your creativity, concentration and awareness
  • tap into your own feminine power and become a temple of beauty and celebration
  • discover the very core of who you are: uninhibited, free, empowered, full of life, love, joy and pleasuresbeautiful, unique SELF


ready to begin your voyage of self-discovery, empowerment and freedom, I would be honoured to assist you on this journey to the BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE SELF!!!

A Feminine Transformations session  starts with an initial discussion/assessment. The session concludes with a reflection, and how you can integrate what we have worked on in the session into your daily life, plus any follow-ups or exercises that need to be done at home so you can continue to enhance the transformation process.

A Feminine Transformations session takes from 1h to 2.0 h.

1h: £70
1.5h: £105
2h: £140

I also offer a coaching package: 6 x 1 h sessions for £350.

For any sessions in person, you would need to visit me, I am based in Bucks in the UK, or alternatively via telephone, Skype or WhatsApp.

Disclaimer: It’s a session to empower you and your beautiful, intelligent body to initiate the self-healing process. Please note that if you have a physical ailment, then a Feminine Transformations session is not a substitute for a visit to your doctor.