Mystic massage for women

                               Mystic massage

A sensual u0026amp; healing ritual for women

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Mystic Massage is a ritual inspired by Tantric u0026amp; Taoist massage and ayurvedic techniques and it is an invitation to receive. Through a conscious touch, you are guided on a journey, during which the physical, energetic, emotional bodies are activated and balanced. Mystic Massage is an opportunity to open up, let go, and trust, to discover the liberating power of healing, loving and nourishing touch.

download (2)During the massage you might:

  • feel unique sensual experience
  • open the energy flow in your body
  • gently awaken your sexual energy
  • heal the wounds of the feminine
  • experience your body as a temple of beauty and celebration


Mystical massage is an energetic session in which you are taken on a journey to your most inner intimate self. The entire session is held in a sacred and  safe space in which you feel relaxed, comfortable, and free to express yourself. This massage is a true offering, a ritual of healing and releasing blockages, and activation of all senses. images (13a)

By being touched in the healing way, cradled within an aura of sacred space, you can let go of control and surrender to your pleasure, joy and mystery of who you are.  Let your divine feminine reveal and heal all the  aspects of you, so you can discover  your full sensual  potential, fall in love with yourself, and your body and liberate your unique and beautiful Self.

The mystical massage requires up to 2.5h.  It is preceded and followed by discussion. I use coconut massage oil and a blend of oraganic essential oils to awaken the senses.

It is recommended:
Do not consume alcohol 24h before and 24h after the massage
Eat light meal 2h before the massage